August 23rd, 2006

(no subject)

I am teaching myself Russian again. I was going to try and take some classes at the Berlitz Institute, but 2 1-hour sessions a week for 10 weeks is $1,549. And that's the "group class". Im looking at over $3K for private tutoring. It's hard to research the CUNY offerings since their website is so slow. And I think you have to be enrolled as an undergrad to take anything. I'll keep checking on that. Until then, it's alphabet review, most of which has come back. I've been writing the letters over and over (a difficult task on the NY subway!) to make them look nice again...although I'm afraid my chjeh's will never look very good. And then there's all the useful classroom sayings: Is this a book? Yes, this is a book. Is this a magazine? No, this is not a magazine, but a newspaper. Where is the pencil? Here is a pen. Yes, all the useful stuff for real life. But, like I said, it's coming back quickly and I can start memorizing vocab and verbs and conjugations and such. I'd like to learn Russian and Arabic. Let's be as politial as possible. Maybe some Farsi? And Korean. haha, just kidding. Basically, any language that doesnt use the English alphabet is all good. I never was very good at Spanish. Nothing stuck in my brain.