August 29th, 2006

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my girl won her 1st round yesterday!

Actually, I have 2 girls right now: Alina and then Camille Pin. They are both complete sweethearts and will hopefully be around next Saturday for another massage! :)

Today is slowish. I am enjoying another sodium marinated salad, sans tomato (which I miss!). It's raining and gray for the 3rd or 4th day in a row- aka not very motivating. I know I should be more proactive, but I don't feel like it. I'm going to make some labels for some sorting trays. That's the next big task. Someone's chip bag is krinkling and I hear crunching. The dishwasher is whirring and the A/C is blasting so much that a few people have heaters going and are wearing sweaters. I must have bad breath after eating so many capers!