September 19th, 2006

(no subject)

I think Chris got up this morning at 2:30am to prepare for his all-day flights back to Portland. It might have been 2:40am. It's hard for me to see the microwave clock from the aerobed on the floor without my glasses. In any case, I attempted to sleep through his shower, but as soon as the lights came on, it was really all over for me. Luckily the Redbull wings are still fluttering, so all is well. Hope he has a lovely trip back. Layovers are no good and I think he has a long one in Houston.

I have a TYNA meeting tonight. I hear I am to run the One Hour Swim Fundraiser this year- otherwise known as the OHS. This means organizing sponsors, benefactors, swimmers, and money collection. Scary. Anyway, it will be official after tonight. and on the train, I can read the new coaching materials that I purchased. never enough info on swimming.