October 13th, 2006

It is Fall

I think the weather has turned for good. I'm waiting for the leaves to start changing around here and for my burning bush to start getting crimson as I was promised in the description at Home Depot. I'm glad I got all the bulbs planted out last weekend while it was still pleasant to be outside for hours on end digging small holes in the ground. After the hard frost, im going to saw back my rosebush and trim the ornamental grass that Dave made me plant. Im not a big fan of the grass in it's current spot. It's in front of a slow-growing lilac bush which I may never get to see bloom. The grass towers over the lilac right now, so the balance on that side is all messed up. Un-feng sui, or whatever.

It was 41 degrees this morning, enough to cool down my temper after swim practice. Some of the swimmers were not following my instuction and I scolded them. I felt bad about it, but I'm serious about my coaching. If I say sprint, then sprint. If you can't because of injury, let me know and that's fine, but dont grab a pull-buoy and pull freestyle moderately when I've specifically instructed you to sprint any stoke other than freestyle! I get up early to coach because I love it and I have a workout plan. It's not about being a dictator. It's about focusing on a particular physiology or energy system and working it to improve. If the swimmer does something else, it's all a loss and a waste of everyone's time. We're all adults here and no one's going to the Olympics. But's we're on a team to train and hone our skillls to become faster. If you just wanna swim, so swim laps. Grrr. I'm an up and coming coach for TNYA. Im now an ASCA level 2 coach. I've gone out of my way to study and attend clinics. I don't know it all and I dont pretend to, but I'm not taking any disrespect. And that's how I see it when people blatantly don't follow my instructions without consulting with me first. So, anyway, after I snapped, everyone did the last sprint/ easy set as instructed.

I got good and splashed this morning on the flip turns. Another team, the NYC Hydras, practice at the same time as us on Fridays. They finish slightly earlier and walk across the deck on our side. Fine, but then I have to dodge them, and as a result I got good and splashed. Mostly on the pants. But it was a chilly walk to the subway in the chilly morning. I didnt change until I got to work. I stayed up at Dave's last night and had to buy a pair of pants for today. Of course,they were too long,so Im wearing some super high heels that I left at his place to compensate. Aint no way Im wearing those around town. I just stripped down in the hall bathroom. Noone came in. The ladies are complimenting me on my footwear cause I always wear flats. Im just like to be comfortable and I hope the flat fashion stays in a little while longer.

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i want to say hi to him. after all, i did say that I would. but it's hard. i dont know why. I just know that it's fall and this time of year is beautiful and sad. I am filled with bittersweet. I havent been to a cemetary since the James days. When I have the strength against the darkenss, I promise that I will write. But not right now.