October 25th, 2006

I did it!!

I haven't swum doubles in a while. But I did it! I swam last night and this morning. So sore, but happy and feeling good. Not too much distance at either practice, but enough. I think last night was only 2,750 yards. and this morning just about 3,300 meters. Im resting tonight as I'm going up to Riverdale to surprise Dave on his BIRTHDAY! I havent said anything. And I told him I have a meeting tonight and that I'd call him around 7:30pm (thats when Metro North gets in) Im going to call him and chat and if he asks, pretend that im a bad girlfriend and totally forgot. hahahah! I have a bag of presents and I ordered a golden cake with chocolate icing and "Happy Birthday Dave" written on top. Need to pick that up after work today.

anyway, I'm aiming for 4 practices/ self swims per week. I've been faithfully doing my dryland shoulder stuff, so the right shoulder is hanging in there and fly feels good. My fly is faster than my freestyle. Wierd. My freestyle is so slow. I come in about 19 seconds on a 25 meter fly and about 22-23 on freestyle. I did a 1:32 on my 100 M free this morning, twice in a row. And just last week I was at 1:45. Thats an eternity!! I just get so much better when I have pool time. and I need to remember that when I start feeling like a slacker.