October 26th, 2006

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My surprise worked a little too well, but not in a good way. I arrived to Dave’s apt and madly rang the bell for about 10 seconds. When he opened the door, he was on the phone and his face cracked a huge smile. “I have to go,” he told the female voice, “ I have a vistor.”

“I thought you’d forgotten.”

He went on to tell me that he was a little worried when I hadn’t mentioned his birthday for 2 weeks. And then on Tuesday night, our call had been really short because I was crashing into bed after a swim “Hello baby. Goodnight baby.” Basically. And I didn’t mention anything because of my ruse. He hardly slept Tuesday night: he was stressed and hurt that I’d neglected to remember. And all day at work, he said he couldn’t concentrate. His procedures went terribly and even his attending physician asked him if he was okay and then told him to go home! So he came back to his apartment early to find the Thai food restaurant delivery driver in his spot. He yelled at the guy to move his car and told him he was tired of random people taking the parking spot and he was never ordering from their place again. He went upstairs and started working on flashcards because he was bored and sad and needed to distract himself. :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!

After he told me all of this, I felt so bad, but I told him not to be silly! He should have been expecting something. And he apologized as well and admitted that it was his psychotic side to think the worst about situations. I still feel like an arse though. I didn’t mean to put him through mental anguish.

So, I made him order Thai food. (I gave the delivery guy a big tip.) He opened his presents (funny t-shirt to wear on call nights, 2 CD’s, and yoga ball for his back) while watching an interesting PBS show about volcanos and global cooling. Then cake. OMG! I completely recommend Buttercup Bake shop on 2nd Ave between 51st and 52nd! Yum yum! You can order cakes there, but they also have cakes available for slices, cupcakes, cheesecakes and tiramisu with coffee or tea for eat in or take out. YUM. Really, the best cake I’ve ever had. So flavorful and the icing was delicious and complex. Much more than just speadable sugar. I ordered a golden cake with chocolate icing and “Happy Birthday Dave”. (Big smile from the boy on this one.) So, yes, then cake, and the rest is kinky and censored.

Note to self: surprise ok. Pretending to forget, not a good idea.

Too lazy to link things, but lots to discover

Having dinner with Jeramy (http://www.myspace.com/jeramyfletcher) tonight. I've not seen him for years, but anyone who ever followed HereandNow.net know that he was my man in New Orleans and we moved up here to NY together in January of 2001. I'm glad we're getting back in touch cause he's a sweet guy and I need to stay in touch with people I care about. We're going to the Miracle Grill in Brooklyn. It's a tasty Latin fusion spot that tends to be pretty consistant. And it's walkable from my place and near a train for him. Im excited.

While Im pointing people out, this is M: go to that Attack Pug Evil empire link over there on the right, scroll down through my friends until you get to Drunk on the Moon. and that's who all my damn sorry posts are about. Im up to the point where I can look at his picture without my guts twisting. this is good progress. and healthy for my heart (the concrete one that I need to keep beating...) Besides, when you think about things like N. Korea and Darfur, our lives are all good over here in the USA. How lucky I am to have time to have issues blown apart by firebombs. Lucky lucky. I have it really fucking good.