October 27th, 2006

maD sushi craving

spicy salmon roll with crunch
avocado roll
2 pieces of tamago
2 pieces of crabstick
California Roll
Steamed Vegi dumplings

yum. any and all would be good now. with soy and wasabi. yum yum. alas, we're having Thai again tonight, cause it's near the haunted house. some sort of fish will be an order, i think. maybe soup. yes. i had a couple bites of soup last night and I remember it being tasty.

ive consumed crackers, vitamin water, and OJ in an effort to get my electrolytes back in order. But I have a feeling that I wont be chipper and involved with life again until I nap. NAP. !! The boss is still out. I have checks to deposit. Im going to wait until he gets here, takes his conference call, gets done..and around 2pm...go to the bank. If I take long enough, we should only have about 1 1/2 of interaction time. he has a call at 4pm, and i bet he'll take off after that.
go go go!

what does it all mean?

If you over think things, you'll lose perspective and spirit. Get some bravado.

A few limits come along just when you thought the sky was the limit. There's no need to clip your wings, however. The universe just wants you to figure out how to get past these. Once you do, head for the horizon.

With the moon moving into Capricorn you might find that you’re in the mood to tackle your bedroom, your home, or even the garden. If there is something irritating you, or something that jars the eye today will offer enough of a burst of practicality for you to deal with it!

The Onion:
Libra September 23 - October 23
The alignment of the stars and the planets can only mean one thing this week: You're looking at a very simplistic, two-dimensional model of our solar system.