October 31st, 2006

it's Halloween!

And I'm dressed up like an office worker.

The building management dropped off a baggie of chocolates. Im doing my best to steer clear of it. Rather unsuccessfully.

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I am in love with Glenny's Soy Crisps: the lightly salted and cheddar varieties. mm mm soy good. Im also in love with the hope that my super late netflix will arrive tonight so I can get my anime fix on before finding a commercial interrupted & censored scary movie on TV. I was going to swim, but my tricep/ posterior delt/ lat is still feeling strained and I must put in a good show tomorrow morning. I hate these little set-backs. I'm keeping on the protein intake, so I think that's helping. And the Advil and the ice. Not a big deal and it's better to rest than to rip.

I have my first Dr. appt in almost 2 years tomorrow! Im getting an overdue tetanus booster and a hep A/B/C shot in anticipation of my Mexico trip. I REALLY hate shots. I think I also have to have blood drawn. Vomit. I start passing out, especially if they poking at my hard-to-find vessels. The world just starts fading out and my feet start kicking around. Vomit vomit vomit. Can't think about this too much.

I think the dentist appt is this Saturday. my teeth hurt a lot these days, so Im freaked out about that too. Just numb me out and gas me up and do your worst for under $500. Yeah.