November 3rd, 2006

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Wow! It's chilly this morning! I am enjoying a heated mug of chocolate soy milk. yum yum. and the heater is blowing directly on my tiny icicle toes. It's this kind of weather that makes me want to curl up indoors and not go out for anything. When it get's into the 40's, I start hibernating. There's no differentiation between 45 degrees and 0 degrees in my head except that at 40 degrees, I dont mind going 2 doors down for sushi, and at 0, I make them deliver to me. lol. At least the wind is mellow. That's the worst: blowing wind on the day of the forgotten scarf. At least I remembered the umbrella today. (It's not raining.)

I am supposing that the last few days were the last of the random 60/70 degree weather, and now we're done for until May. How I miss daylight in the evenings! When I get home at 7, it's pitch black in my backyard. I'm automatically in night mode and it's hard to motivate to do anything at all. I need the light back. Cold + dark = immobility.

A homeless guy plopped down next to me on the train this morning. This is the second time this month! I feel like an ass, but I have to get up and move. The stench is just too much to bear. I tried to pull through this morning, but he started gesturing and mumbling to someone/thing invisible to me, and I figured maybe that conversation would distract him from my rudeness.