November 8th, 2006

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it's freakin pouring out. my shoes and socks were soaked by the time i made it across town to the doctor's office. I took the bus, but I still had to wait forever and then walk 3 blocks north from where it dropped me off. We had to draw blood today. I suppose the rain might have been a good thing because my foot discomfort distracted me from thoughts of needles. But when I walked into the room, the needle set-up was relaxing next to the paper covered patient bed. Ugh. Instead of a syringe, it was an inch long SHARP thing with tape on it. A long tube extended from the tape. Yuck. The doctor walked in and asked me some random health questions (i suppose then, it's okay to charge the co-pay if we chat). I started taking fast litle breaths and wiggling my feet around like I do when a needle stick is pending. The doctor asked me if I was going to be okay and then before I answered suggested that I should lie down. I protested, but she made me. I held out my arm and waited for the pinch. Nausea in waves. I focused on the Miracle Grow box on the corner of the shelf above and behind my head. I didnt remember seeing any plants. la de da. You're doing great. blab blab. How's swimming? it's all a blur. The doctor told me to squeeze my hamstrings together to get the blood flowing (now that I think about it, a valsalva maneuver would have worked too...) Squeeze! Squeeze hard! Needle pull-out. Relief. Air. I'd been holding my breath. Push down on the cotton. I sat up and felt dizzy for a second. "Was I white?" I asked her. "No, you were green!"