November 15th, 2006

email fucking rocks

i just have no idea how you people functioned back in the day. Im organizing the TNYA one hour swim fundraiser and I just dont know where I would be if I wasnt able to communicate important info to people so they had it correctly in writing to refer back to. And the best thing is CC-ing a ton of people in one hit. Whee!

I am officially getting shots today at 4:30pm. Let's get this shit overwith! coming back to the office for a nice hour..then heading home to do laundry and chill, consume some netflix. and perhaps some fresh pasta and sauce from the walk-in gourmet italian place down the block. yeah, all that. i was going to swim tonight, but since im getting shots and one of those is tetanus, i should probably just remain mellow. I plan to hit the pool tomorrow for half a practice before taking over on deck for a coach who needs to leave early.

I keep forgetting that next week is a 3 day week and then remembering again. Tis like a repeated gift of happiness. Im off to Boston for the holiday to see my grandmother and some others from my mom's side of the family.