November 26th, 2006

back with no turkey

im back from a Boston thanksgiving and proud to state that the holiday was full of only salty and sweet not so complex carbs. i had reeses pieces for the first time in years! my 86 year old grandmother is kicking ass--as in she can walk around town and still hold a conversation that doesnt involve stories from 1930. My 21 year old cousin still wears the same blue pants with paint on the butt. My 52 years old uncle refuses to acknowledge global warming. My aunt is still working night shifts much too often. My ex-aunt (uncle's first wife) is getting divorced again. My 23 year old cousin is getting married quite early, but it will be a good excuse to visit in June. And the other cousin seems less interested in vampires and more interested in it should be.

today im having popcorn. i decided that chewing up the unpopped kernels is just not worth it. It used to be one of my favorite things but today I just spit them out. What does it all mean? lol. Dave is working on a presentation on the other computer and i am doing my best to be quiet. I have some things I could be working on, but why do them until it's absolutely the last minute?