April 10th, 2007

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Hako no naka ga arimasu. Doshite? Shigoto. 6-jin made shigoto o shimasu. 6-jin made hako no naka ga arimasu. 6-jin kara chikatetsu de puru ni ikimasu.

yes indeed, there is hope in a good swim. restless today. tuesdays always suck. its like this day stuck in the middle of nowhere in the week. the tide is just in the middle, not out or in and shit is floating around just out of reach. thats tuesday. at least tomorrow i can take the recycling out and pretend that they pick it up and take it somewhere besides the landfill.

the peppers and tomatoes are getting bigger. i'll be in ft. lauderdale most of next week, so ive got to get my neighbor to come over and tend to the neko 2-hiki and the plants. the plants cant go out yet cause NY weather has decided not to rise above the 40's. Easter was colder than Christmas this year!

I was running last night and all these hasidic jewish men were blocking the sidewalk as they walked in tandum to some place of worship. and when i mean in the way, i mean like, here's me jogging towards them and the DONT MOVE to let me by. Strange. and then theres the guy with the cell phone and the pit bull something (and dont get me wrong, i love those mangy pits) jumps up on me as i run by. they guy is completely not paying attention. i could have lost an arm, except this doggie was a love muffin, but i found that a little strange. strange.