April 12th, 2007

Important investors

..arriving soon. the office is sparkling, the guys are wearing jackets and the girls are doing last minute straightening. Coffee is made, regular and decaf. Im wearing lipstick. The lengths we go to...

This is big time, baby. As in huge bonus if this works out.

(no subject)

I miss the days of pink hair. Sigh. I dont think I even have any pictures, if you can believe it! But here's me in cartoon mode:

Investors gone. Ties and jackets off. Tummys relaxed. Chaos ensuing. I guess we will find out later what going on. I hear they are to come back again. Does that mean I have to clean the healthcare analyst's office again? (ok, to be clear, stand there while he does it and put things in piles...)

Still raining, pouring. Supposed to get a nor'easter this Sunday, says the trader. Ugh. My poor plants! They are getting so huge. I hope they are still standing up in all this rain. At least I wont have to water them for a while. ha. ha ha

Lean Cuisine wa hiru gohan. only 250 calories. Im starving. This is not enough! I will proceed to stalk the fridge and cabinets after I post, pretending that there might be something there that I missed before.
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