April 16th, 2007

yes, indded...

There is nothing like commuting to work on a rainy morning in NY. Wet corporate wear, umbrella blowing out (more than once), assholes putting umbrellas on the subways seats (because they need to rest and drain and all), fogged up windows, damp poles.

I had the added bonus of insane man # 684. 6 train, 6:10am. I noticed that car 1 had a woman muttering to herself and waving, so I bee-lined it to car 2. Sat down, closed my eyes. And then started hearing "Happy Birthday" being sung over and over. Insane man #684 sung and sung, started coughing and spitting and then fired snot rockets (cover one nostril and blow real hard through the other) at the seat next to him. Barf. I felt the sickness amoebas eyeing my healthy being. Get away! He got off at 14th street, one before me. Someone else sat where he was before. I shivered.