June 18th, 2007

Re: inquiry

"I'd love to get you on the Justin.tv platform with a beta broadcaster account. Would you be interested in that? You would need a laptop and wireless broadband internet access (we go with sprint), in order to do a mobile broadcast like I'm doing.


So...this is great, cept, i dont have either. LOL. I do have a lovely broken old 2001 I-mac though. tee hee.

as far as i can tell, no income stream for me to speak of. sounds greedy, but it's far from it. i spend so much time away from home working in the office right now...so...i just dont know if this can work. I'd like it to. I'd like to take the mobile webcasting to the pool. and all around. you know i'd do it too. I'm finding out what beta broadcasting entails exactly. And I guess i'll go from there. I havent told Dave anything about this. I wonder how I could make this possible and work it into REAL life?