June 19th, 2007


i think im going to try and do it. I have so many questions for Justin about the limits of the technology, but I feel like ive already bombarded him enough...

I need:
a superlight laptop with integrated mobile broadband (im thinking verizon for the NYC area)

video camera or separated cam and microphone. or both.
id like all the devices to be wireless.

id like different kinds of cams (one i could wear vs ones i carry or set down) cameras in the computer are not so helpful actually. boring.

cams need to be light adjustable. my apt is pretty dim and i dont want to studio up my life.

i want to be able to switch my streams remotely. aka, here i am on mobile. and now look at my garden while im at work (work-cam is NOT going to fly)
and on that note...how to make some income so that i dont have to work at the office and instead do more webcasting? hmmmm. Justin mentions product placement. Id do it. You all know it's cause im trying to finance the gig, not cause i LOVE coke (although it is pretty tasty on a hot and humid sunday afternoon :) ) I have lots of ideas. I couldnt sleep last night cause i was all excited and thinking thinking thinking.

back to reality: i dont have the publishing software yet. i need this laptop. according the dell site, their superlight with all the fixings and other software (office, photoshop, yada) is just until $3000. Vaio is also right around there. PC Connection has some good deals. I guess i dont know what i need exactly. SATA? 2gb vs 3gb? I dont care about DVD RW anything. but that seems to come with stuff and drive up the cost. i just want a machine that can handle video in and out as fast as possible. if anyone has ideas, let me know. otherwise, im throwing darts.

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ive been researching cameras, mics, and computers all day instead of working. im really behind now. LOL

im just waiting for the official publishing invite before i jump off the cliff and spend way too much money to make my webcast look halfway decent. sigh.

i want something sweet, but i have 2 guests here in the lobby. im waiting for their meetings to start. then i can snack.

Leaving early today for the second to last Japanese class of the semester. I was so distracted by webcasting thougths and lifeguarding that i hardly studied at all this weekend. this is going to be a bad scene tonight. LOL

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! im just all giddy!