June 20th, 2007

NY 1

NY 1 came to film our swim team this morning for Pride Week. (tnya.org) I was in the pool, so I wasnt interviewed, but the woman did film my butterfly, so maybe that will get into the short clip at some point! if someone records it/ utubes it like most media stuff on our team, I will post it.

If you are in NYC, the piece is suppose to play in tomorrow's evening news and then in bits over the Pride Weekend.

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the air freshener in the ladies room that automatically spritzes every 2 minutes, or whatever is making the dive smell like a thai lemongrass dish. very disturbing.

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i need to come up with a username..stat!
now...i know that lisagoddess has always been my handle...but..i sorta feel like thats a little pretentious. i feel a little grown out of it. thats why my myspace is Attack, Pug!

i was thinking of something in Japanese. But im not Japanese. Stress.
but people know me as lisagoddess.

My coworker just suggested : "LisaGodDamn" LOL Now we are dragging God into this.

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NY1 is playing our bit tonight at 8pm! I hear its supposed to be at NY1 on Demand at some later point. I will have to find it. I hope my butterfly is in there (red cap), just cause i havent been videotaped in a while and id love to see how much my stroke sucks booty.