June 22nd, 2007


you know those TV infomercials advertising the quick-chopper, or whatever?
You put the onion on the grid and press down the grid chopper and wallah so easy, you have onion cubes in the tupperware thingy below. you know? now imagine that grid where the onion rests. Now imagine that excel is that grid and it just chopped thru my onion-brain. yes. and it is cubes in some metaphorical tupperware waiting, chilling, yearning to be snacked on. no, okay, no snacking on my gray matter. no no . but yeah. excel. grids. blah. i never work after 4pm on a friday and here i am slaving away trying to get this spreadsheet done for by boss and his boss. i am so mistreated ;) and making up for the fact that i have been completely absorbed in plotting my webcasting project that ive neglected speedy turnover this week. I feel guilty. GUILT! Why must i have this emotion?
onions, brains, guilt. what a flow.
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a cleaner link to the NY1 story:

i forgot to tell you. there was a gray dildo out in front of baruch college this morning. i was leaving the building after swim practice and there it was. medium sized with a real head and veins. i looked at it until i realized what it was and then i walked passed without any emotions. i thought maybe someone was filming. i wasnt going to give out any reactions at 8 in the morning! hahah wierd. only in ny.