June 25th, 2007


I marched in my first NYC Pride Parade yesterday! Ive been on the sidelines, but this year, clad in khaki "carpenter" pants, an army print string bikini top, orange TNYA hat and aviator glasses, i proudly shot up the crowd with my yellow and blue supersoaker. So fun! And I taped the festivities! I even briefly interviewed Gilbert, the inventor of the rainbow flag (perhaps the guy who had the idea and marketed it, since rainbow are not that original.) I was a moron and threw out my power cable and firewire cord to my analog/ dig converter in the move last year, so I bought these things at B & H on my two hour excusion there before the march. Downloaded some of the vid from the OLD hi-D sony this morning, after missing the bus. What shitty video quality! LOL. But internet-able, none the less. It will make a nice archive. Wish you all could have been there. I would have soaked you down for sure! MUHAHAH!


i am less manic. phew. until later.
there is a hot boy in my lobby right now. my coworker is daring me over AIM to belch really loudly in front of him to see what he would do. Im sorta thinking about it, but this soda is not doing the trick.

Shucks, the meeting got out. He was the sales rep, and now he's leaving with them. ugh, the overwhelming stench of man perfume fills the lobby...