June 27th, 2007


Someone very close to me in my family informed me of some potentially fatal health news this morning. I can't say anymore right now, but needless to say, I have been tearful with this person and Dave over the phone this morning. I will have more information in about 2 weeks about serious things will be. I have not taken any drugs for my stress headache yet and instead have buried my self in work, both paying-job and project related.

...attempting to remain a cheerful nekomimi girl is hard today. ^^
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technology failure

there was some explosion or something in the Bronx this afternoon that caused a massive power surge. tripped off the breakers or fuse or something in the server room here at the office. anyway, we thought it was some huge remote problem and waited or an hour to be told all we have to do was flip the switch in the closet. in the meantime, no phones, no internet, no exchange server access. we were broken down and sitting around watching "underaged and engaged" LOL Then the CFO/ IT guy had to go and fix the simple problem. oh well. its really amazing how all is lost without these communication networks.