June 29th, 2007

i have to get up in just under 4 1/2 hours

my technology is being a bitch.  im ordering a new camera.  i am unhappy with sony at this instant. 

im sitting in daves apt.  my underwear is drying on the bathroom door handle cause i had to wash it, being i forgot to bring another pair.  im in shorts, socks, and no shirt at all (cos its hot in here and the only shirt out in the living room is long sleeved).  bleary eyed,  looking at cameras an other things.  dave has been sleeping for 2 hours in the other room.

now its my turn.  im gonna get all my stuff together, nap, coach, drink a red bull, and try to stay sane at work.  gotta return this bunk camera after work, and then either swim or die.  dunno.

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man oh man! I wish I was webcasting already! Its so crazy around the Imac store right now! I hear people have been in line outside since Monday to get an iPhone! Craziness! This is on top of the normal tourist craziness since Today or Good Day or something is filmed out there. There's always tourist buses packed with people and their big signs bombarding the sidewalk. It's funny, cause I dont think twice about it. It's my route every Mon - Friday. Ive got my Ipod on. I observe the kids' groups with matching t-shirts, the Japanese tourists, the blonde mid-western chics with signage: I love you Danny and Mom! and then pass on by and disappear through the glass rotating doors.

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“I think we're early today. I'm going across to the pool to get some ___ to try & clean up for Dave, we're going to have wine & maybe watch a movie. Be boring tonight if he only got a couple of hrs of sleep last night hearing things. Let me tell you, the Iceman(?) craze is out of control. It's basically a billion people ___. It's up to 2 when I posted earlier except for times keep plundering(?) & I went out to go deal with some camera stuff but it'll be 5 mins to get through the crowd on that block that you see. But now that it's 6:00, I think their starting to give away I Phones. Interestingly enough there's a guy on just TV named Justin Moe, or I don't know what his name is but he's in that line & I thought it would be really fun to try & go find him but I had to work & I had to go swim so it's not going to work out. Sounded like fun if we both went to catch(?) him, don't you think? Dave wants to meet me here. I'm not going to hear it & I think that's part of my mixed that we can mix later some day. I ___ phones, I don't know because I'm supper tired. I was basically swim & not sing(?) tonight & then drink. That's the plan. Swim, drink, yeah. Happy Fri, bye.”

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