July 2nd, 2007

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Monday monday. I've got a whole day today, and then a 1/2 day tomorrow because the market closes early for the holiday. I'm heading back home at 12:45pm to meet the cable guy and get the internet at home. (what a concept!) I'm hoping he/she comes at the early portion of "between 2pm-6pm so I can go aquire a wireless router too. Gotta get all the loose ends tied up.

The 4th is free, and I think we're going to have the picnic in the park/ watch the fireworks kind of day, but who knows. Im just happy to have time off, so it really doesnt matter what we do. Im sure the park has something going on..music or whatever. We saw Malajube and the Stills on Saturday night. Good stuff. and free with $3 optional donation.

Hmm, what else..oh yes, going blonde again this weekend! :) Im so excited. Im so bored with the brown hair, but it needed to grow out a little and get reid of all the dye and chemicals....so could put more on tee hee. Im a little torn between straight up bleach, a fade from root to end, or the two tone thing (dark brown and blonde streak on the front). I want to be edgy, but I cant be too crazy with the office job thing going on. frustration! Maybe I should spend my free time doing hair research. hmm.