July 3rd, 2007

home entry

my first entry from HOME in 4 years! I just got cable installed. now to hike out and get some firewalling business and a wireless router.
laptop computer to arrive on thursday. in the meantime, i am struggling on an ancient browser on an ancient mac (i just downloaded netscape 7.0. Ive got OS 9.1 and NOTHING runs on this anymore! haha) the lights are blipping away on the modem, but im not going to really surf around until Ive got some protection.

was going to swim tonight, but maggie, the tuesday pm coach, is sneaking off to go camping and im the only one who can cover. who needs fitness? too bad i skipped my run this morning. i was too poop-ed. ive got a great workout that i can repeat from this morning, so it's easy easy. i was just looking forward to the dip. Dave coming over later...10ish. crackin open some wine, chillin, all that.

my family member is super stressed about the illness. and it's birthday time too. i recieved emailed today about this being the possible last birthday and i started tearing up big time at work. all this excitement with the webcast is really underscored by meaningful and sad situations. I am doing my best to be upbeat. It will someday be yours and my turn to deal with bad health news. I called today and the conversation seemed upbeat, but I know it's hard. I know my family doesnt want me to worry.