July 6th, 2007


I am super lucky that my boss is not in and it's the Friday after the 4th. The phones are dead and I have time to noodle. Well, at least I spent the first hour noodling and now I should file or put the dishes away...or load my outlook! LOL. Ive nto even done that yet!

After 4 hours of computer BS, and firewire lameness, i finally got up and streaming last night. I forgot to set my alarm (well, I set it, but didnt hit the "on" button), so it was only by virtue of waking up every day at the ass crack of dawn that i rolled out of bed at 4:50am. ugh.

so, yeah, during the day, it's "boring ass workcast". Gotta make the money and we cant all be web designers or driving around all the time (thats all i see on this thing! views of the road!). So, enjoy the tunes and I will be in and out and off camera and on, and eating like a pig and whatever unconcious nosepicking goes on. ha.

and be forewarned - i cant spell and i dont care. well, i care. i could spell check, but theres not enough time in the day.

i didnt eat dinner and i havent munched breakfast.
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gotta love

being on the phone with verizon. then being on the phone with lenovo. then being on the phone with verizon. la de dah. sometimes i wish i was a super tech brain. hey, japan, im ready for my brain chip.
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im totally feeling my 3 hours of sleep. zzz. the filing project that i put off all day is done and now...well, there's little things, i guess, but nothing major that HAS to get done. I'm still going to plug away tho until the bell rings.

no specific plans for tonight. maybe a movie. maybe cooking. scratch that. definately cooking. i could see a band tonight. that would be fun. not for viewers, but you know, fun.
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