July 7th, 2007

(no subject)

lazy summer day.  i think dave and i both needed it.   he's been reading radiology all day and ive been catching up on chores.   not so exciting but necessary.  ive got about 2 more hours of brown hair.   i hope this turns out cute!  Ive been invited to a couple parties next week.  Havent decided if I am going or not, but I hear they are a MUST (financial big money something, i suppose).   So says a certain equity sales guy.  

Theres lots of say about my mother's health, but im not sure she wants me talking about.  Ive been trying to absorb myself with internet and swimming related pursuits to distract.    Its strange thinking about a world with no Mom.  We're all a little estranged in my family, but in some way, we all need to know that the thin connections are there, no matter how strained.