July 13th, 2007

family stress

i took a nice long walk last night to clear my head. I just couldnt stay in. With Mom sick and Dad freaking out on me, it's a little much to handle. I thought about going home (as in home home, not Brooklyn home), but I think it's a little premature until we find out what's really going to happen with things. My Dad is coming up the with worst case scenario and calling it his reality. Im doing my best to be strong and to be there when they need me. While getting asked for help, Im getting pushed away a little too. I suppose I should expect that after living so far away for so long. We will know more next week.

I try to keep focused on the comparatively insignificant events in my life right now- coaching this open water swim at Greenwich point tomorrow morning, relaxing until 2pm, coming back to Brooklyn to redo this hair a little and then heading back up to Harlem to drink with Janine. I have to be careful tomorrow night. It would be a little to easy to overdo it. But a few is just what the Dr ordered.
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