July 30th, 2007

update from the return trip

Sunday, July 29th-
2:30pm - Dave and I leave Bethel for the Portland Airport.
3:00pm - we stop at a rest area and oogle some pretty falls there.
4:30pm - Dave drops me off at the Delta sign at the "Jetport". We kiss goodbye and he drives away.
4:35pm - I discover that my flight back to NYC has been cancelled and call Dave
to get him to turn around.
4:36pm- I leave a message for Dave. His phone appears to be off. I call back. No answer.
4:45pm - Im in the line to cancel my ticket. I've contacted Dave's sister to have her call Dave's parents
4:50pm - Dave's parents call me to tell me That they are coming to get me.
4:55pm I get a refund on my plane ticket.
5:30pm: Dave's parents save me from the airport and we drive back to Bethel in time for a 7:30 dinner.

Monday, July 30th-
Today I woke up at 8am. I should be showering after swim practice right now. I told Dave that my body is getting used to sleeping in an extra 4 hours than usual. I was set to start in online right after breakfast. Dave was going to go fishing, so it was the perfect time.
Eddie, Dave's sister's boyfriend, was going to hike Mt. Speck. I pondered. And thought. and decided that I Wanted to as well. We had a time contraint of 3pm so we motored. At 1:50, we thought we'd beter turn back. Eddie went around the bend to "take care of business" and 20 seconds later said..hey! there's a juntion here! .3 miles to the summit! Screw t, I thought...we have to summit! We motored some more and tagged the summit. Climbed the firetower very carefully, took pictures and basically "ran" back down the mountain. On our way we passed a ranger who asked something about an ornage vest. Not sure it was something about seeing an orange vest, or someone weathing an orange vest...in any case, I said something to the fact that I hoped everyone is ok up there. He replied, someone is dead up there. huh. that stopped us talking. what had happened? someone fall from one of the ledges? A heart attack? It wasnt clear and we were going to be of no help to anyone. We continued our fast pace down the mountain.

Dave was waiting for me in the parking lot of the B&B when we pulled in. I pulled my tired ass from Eddie's car and Dave says "lets go". So we did. We stopped to get gas and a late lunch of dunkin donuts egg sandwiches. We're on the road now, but I dont have any signal. Im writing this in the notepad program.