August 5th, 2007

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Poll #1033906 PayPal Poll

In response to my frustrations about having a lot of webcast time taken up by a desk job, many people have indicated that I should add a paypal "donation" button to my profile to raise $$ for equipment and other fun stuff...and eventually so I can webcast for reals all day. I feel like it's a little "90's camgirl" but my dream is to not have to shut down the audio for 45 hours of daylight time. If I did do it, all donations would go toward more cool webcasting equipment and "props" (tee hee!) and then life expenses if it got there (apt rental, etc) What do you think? Thanks.

Sure, go for it! We'd love to cut out office-cam for good!
Sounds ok, but maybe just for equipment/ props purposes.
Nah, just open a PO box and figure something else out.
Sounds like a really bad idea.