August 10th, 2007

hiking in Maine


Halfway up to Tablerock. Feeling very energetic!

Overhanging boulder: It could drop at any time!

Down into the hidden cave. But not without a flashlight!

Blah blah yeah! That's right I made it to the top!

Ahhh, and back down in the town of Bethel, ME again. Too bad NYC doesn't look like this! :)

photo album from a long time viewer

Amazing. These are all the photos that I should have kept! Old memories (and me 20+ lbs heavier! lol) and pictures from my old personal website before I shut it down. Some current stuff. In a slideshow format, mine was slow to load. Minimize and wait. It's worth it! (At least me to me! :) )
Scroll through slowly after it plays to catch some pictures that fly by quickly in slideshow mode.

thanks Morris! :)