August 14th, 2007

action packed lunch...

well, if you're a sodium chloride molecule in my smoked salmon that is..
Delicious with crackers and cream cheese. Like revisiting a tasty lox breakfast but in snack/ lunch form.

Work has been busy for the past 2 weeks, but I have been doing my best not to get behind with all the many aspects of the webcast. I have equipment to buy, shows to schedule, and catboxes to clean. Today I need to go out at some point and track down an ethernet cable long enough to extend to the bathroom. The wireless on Dave's laptop is being a pain and even that linksys proggie doesn't seem to make it want to work. I'll just get a long cable to use on BTP night until I muster up the fight to stay up until 3am one night to get things working.

I need to finish planning my Japan trip! I havent even booked a hotel in Kyoto yet! Has to be done this week. I may do one of those JR tour things with all-inclusive hotel and train + breakfast. It's pretty cheap that way. Yikes. Only 17 days left until the flight! I gotta get myself together! haha Which reminds me..I need to buy some new underwear.