August 19th, 2007

out and about

i just had 3 beers with a guy i havent seen in 11 years. He's start at Rutgers in a week, pursuing a graduate degree in trombone performance. 3 beers is enough to get me feeling quite intoxicated and meanwhile i think he had 7 whiskey cokes. ive got a bit of catching up to do. or not. its amazing how a person can change in 11 years and yet, at the core of it, hardly change at all. i feel like i have something more to say and i do, but i cant find the words since 1. im not a writer, and 2. im sleepy and tipsy. Perhaps there is nothing really deep here at all. Perhaps it's just good to connect with someone again, someone I had so many positive feelings about. Im glad I buzzed him on myspace. Hopefully we can do this bar hopping again sometime, but skip Coyote Ugly. I was the only gal there. and, they didnt have any internet connection.

Dave is on call tonight. I just drunken paged him. He called me back. He puts up with so much from me...calls, internet, cameras, random freakiness. Dave should get some kind of reward.