September 1st, 2007

So the day has finally come

Im sitting at gate 4 waiting to sit on a plane for 13.75 hours. woohoo! When I bought these tickets in January, it seemed like such a long way off. People laughed at me for planning so far in advance, but im so type A that I do that kinda stuff all the time.

Speaking of type A, I was freaking out this morning because I could not find the Japan prong adapters that I bought to connect to Japanese power sockets. ugh! I THOUGHT that I'd put them into my camera bag along with the digital tapes..but I guess not. I looked all over and shook the bag. looking it that bad 3-4 times along, just in case. Looked in the JR bag that carried the camera bag. Looked in the bathroom, on the table, under the table, in some other bags. I realized that I never took them out once I was home. At least, not anytime that I remember. Grrr. Anyways, they were only 2.50 each here, and in Japan (if I can even find them!) Im sure they will be much more. :( I'll proly look once more in my camera bad for good measure. I REALLY thought Id put all my purchases from that day in one place. Sigh. Neko brain crash.

So, my grand plans of getting tons of work done on the plane is a little dashed..because i need enough power to install the mobile internet software at the hotel.

well, i can use about 2 hours of power, so Im trying to get done what I can.

There are a lot of non-Japanese people waiting here for this flight.

I need a snack. I think we get 1 meal on the flight. lunch. ill stay awake for that and then decide what order i want to watch movies, nap, work, and squirm with anticipation.