September 2nd, 2007

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5:45 pm, NY time, 9/1 - The flight was almost 3 hours delayed! We are now not expected into
Tokyo until around 5pm local time on 9/2. JFK's automated baggage tracking system shut down and they were doing all the sorting manually. I am doubly happy that I never check anything, But yes, we were 45 minutes delayed in boarding, and the rest of the time was spent dozing on the plane. Valuble dozing that needed to be used for passing actual in-air time. Grrrr. So we waited while numerous announcments in Japanese and English fluttered through the recycled air. The final one: I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that a few bags seem to be missing. As soon as those are located and put on the plane, we are good to go. the good new is that those people will have luggage when we land. Ugh, for me, all bad news. then we sat on the runway waiting for our turn. dont know how long, but i dozed off again.

Its now been 2 hours in the air. Im terribly thirsty and i wish the attendants could just give me bottled water instead of in the cup. Im almost done with the overpriced Fiji bottle from the airport.

Im very allergic to something. Nose is all stuffy suddenly. I dont feel sick. Just allergized. Will be very happy to deplane and breathe in "fresh" Tokyo air. I wonder what it smells like there.

We are over Canada now. Our route took us over the Great lakes, and will take us NW through canada and to alaska, then sliding se on the edge of russian airspace and down into Japan. I forget that the earth is fatter around the equator. Cool route though...canada, alaska and almost Russia! woohoo!

Something else I forgot: my short ethernet cord. I hope that high speed access in the hotels is wireless.

I wonder about the mobile wireless tech that i will be installing. I wonder if it works in buildings too. EVDO is awful when you go inside, at least in NYC. It will be a hard thing to test...since I will be wanting to carry my puter in my backpack all the time an not in front of me to eye the system. I may have some stutters the first day or so. I really hope this works. I really want to bring Japan to my viewers.

Most people are sleeping. im more in a movie mood. I have a couple more emails to crank out in notepad but gonna sit back and let the airplane entertainment do its thing.

PS 47 Miles to "Big Sand Lake" says the flight progress channel.

6:36 pm NYC time - Im done with all the major emails I needed to write. Im sure I have
more in my inbox, but for now, this will have to do. It's movie time. I have to pee.
A stretch would do me good. the stewardess came around with a jug of water. I had
refill my 1L fiji bottle. I wonder whats on tv. It's 7:38AM in Tokyo. My flight arrives
at 5. I'll proly spend the rest of the flight thinking about what I would normally be
doing at this time. Most of the Japanese people on this flight are sleeping. Most of
americans are awake with their lights on.

1:55AM NY Time- If we hand't had that big delay back at JFK we'd be there already! Arg.
Wells, in any case, I have 2 more hours left on the flight. All in all the past 13 hours havent been so bad. Since the last time, I've watched a chunk of some Marilyn Monroe movie (involving the subject of men marrying men,,haha),
an episode of the new "The Office", and the Fantastic Four Silver Surfer movie. I opened my
Japanese text book and reminded myself of 1-10 and some adjectives. Some sentence
structures that I used to know laughed at me. I'll get by. For a moment, I tuned into Sea Biscuit, but I got teary eyes for no reason when the horse won a race somewhere in the middle of the movie. I decided this was lame and it was time for a nap. so, Ive been on and off sleeping/ getting up and wiggling out the neck kinks/ visiting the bathroom--mostly cause its the only place to be alone, even if only for 2 minutes.

Ive been pretty wrapped up in my marroon American Airlines blanky this whole time. Who knows
where its been, but its warm. Had 2 more allergy attacks, but feeling ok still. (Crossing
fingers) Intergalactic by the BB on the nekopod. Groove groove..mnnnnmmm, DROP!

Speaking of drop: I should take a look at the back of one of these magazines to check the
layout of Narita Airport..altho Im assuming there will be some english directions to
get the silly americans into and out of customs. We are arriving at 4am my time, a drop time
which relates to the "speaking of drop" text above. im losing it. My friend is meeting me just outside of

In about an hour, Im going to put away most of my toys and books. Brush the teeth, redraw
the eyebrows, pinch the cheeks and try to look if 15 hours on a plane is small shit.
theres a night on the town in Tokyo coming my way! Or at lease a free dinner and some sleep
in a real bed.

I hope I can figure out how to take off this ultra base. its sure heavy.

2:32 AM NY time--ok, REALLY, im putting the computer down. I am! I feel some decent going on.
Gotta save the 23% of the battery remaining getting the software installed. Or maybe Im imagining it! 1.5 hours of flight to go!

Were did those effing little adapters get themselves to?

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im on my mobile card now :)

it worked! Im sure I'm going to jinx it...
but this is the first piece of equipment thats worked the first time with the first install. altho, i have to admit, that if i didnt know how to get to the device manager, as i didnt when I first started this be sitting here frustrated. Thank to all those who put up with me !!

Im about to put the cam on...

journal update with NTC times! haha

I arrived at 5pm last night (tokyo 9/2). Immigration and customs was so fast but very efficient. And whe hen the line became too long, we were politely guided to another counter and whoosh..we were outta there. I waited outside the A arrivals gate. No Kiyo. I waited. Between the language barrier and the lck of glasses, I started to worry. What if Kiyo missed me because of the big flight delay? Worry. I didnt even have his cell phone number. I eyed the flashing train schedule. "Shibuya" said 1 train. Ueno, Shinjuku. Then followed by lots of Japanese. I noted the tourist help desk location. After about 10 minutes, I made a mental breakthrough. If there was an A gate, there was proly a B gate. I walked down the terminal. B gate. Kiyo. He'd been waiting for 4 hours for me because he hadn't checked the flight for delays! HAHA. oops.

He swiftly took me around to rent my cell phone and bye Japanese prong adapters for the power cords. We jumped on the JR line express train to Shibuya. It was exactly on time. I was informed that Japanese trains are always exactly on time, and if they are a minute off, the conductor apologizes profusely. The trains were not so crowded, and we had a reserved ticket anyway. 80 minutes to Shibuya.

Checked into the hotel and met up with Kiyo's wife for dinner. We took the scenic route through part of Shibuya and I wished I had my camera with me. So beautiful. The lights, the building decor. It's Japan all right. Ha. We ate delicious Japanese cuisine:
Boiled tofu with (on the side in a wooden bowl) dried scallions, miso paste, salt
Fried tofu skin with scallion and dipping sauce
Japanese tomato slices with scallion
Tofu skin soup with veg broth and vegis
Whole shrimp with spicy mayo
Horse (i DID NOT eat that! :( )
Special mushrooms wrapped in pork (I did NOT eat that either!)

I had 2 cokes. They had beer. I wanted the caffeine to stay awake.

Came back to the hotel, had a nice bath and passed out.

Woke up this morning at 6am and couldnt go back to sleep. Maybe the stong sunlight wakes me up.

Im about to get dressed and head on down to the hotel restaurant for my free breakfast.
Im meeting Kiyo at 9am in the lobby, about 1.25 hours.
We will either roam toyko today ot head off about an hour away to an old town..i forget the name :)