September 3rd, 2007

a few pics from the day

apparently, you can click on the monkey in the archives to skip around. i havent been to the site in days and dont plan on it until i return to NYC. soo....
hope it's easy to find.

im on and off mobile webcasting to save battery. so, thats why the need for the archive jump hunt.

Picture teasers from today. Will post Japan pics in MySpace...maybe tomrrow morning after some sleeeeeep.

Chikatetsu (subway):

Outside Kyowa Chemical Office (Kiyo's Office):

Kiyo in the reception area:

Kyowa Chemical Marketing Poster:

At the Shinto Fox-god shrine near Kohei's office. the dog with the mouth open ("Ah") symbolizes the beginning the world. The dog with the mouth closed ("Mm") symbolizes he end of the world. "A" is the first sound in Japanese, and "mm" the last.

At Sensou-ji (Buddhist temple in Asakusa:

Still at the temple. At the top of this building, you can see a sphere. inside the sphere is supposed to be the ashes of a buddha.

The fake food in Kappabashi:

Awesome building near to Hamarikyu Garden:

Outside a TV company building: