September 9th, 2007

"Life" wa ikura desu ka?

my ipod is on the fritz. i think it may just be the USB connection on one side of the computer, but it's hard to tell. the charge light thing is blinking, but it was this morning too...and then the battery crapped out entirely. im going to charge this thing until i have to board el plano.

anyways, i need my tunes for the next 13 hours. sentimental needs music. im looking out the window at the last little bit of Japanese sky that I will see on the ground for at least 12 months. My life waits for me back in NYC. The temperatures seem more user friendly than here. And I think I got paid on Friday, so I should have some extra cash in my bank account for a nice welcome-back dinner. the trees will be turning colors in central park soon, and my birthday is right around the corner. September is my favorite month of the year.

Boarding is anytime. I should be exhausted, but I am quite awake. Hopefully that will change within the hour. bye bye for now. sayonara.

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3:16pm- In less than 1 hour, we will be touching down. What a short flight! Only 12
hours in the air! No problem! AGES less than the 17 hours it took me to get to Tokyo in
the first place. I hope Dave checked the AA website and took note of the good news!

I've been alternately napping, watching movies, and studying Japanese from the back of my
old textbook and the book Yuta got for me. Yuta's book is so great. I think I could
almost make it on my own over there if I memorized the whole thing :) It's written in a
clever way with funny pictures for the vocab words. Some nice cultural behavioural
information in the don't stare directly for too long into someone's eyes when
talking--something I love to do to check on whether people are concentrating on what they
saying or just talking at me. ha, rude american! Sigh.

The drinks are being served again, with one last meal. the stewardesses keep hitting the
seats with the carts. Whack whack. And the blonde one has this fake smile on her face as
if she has some sort of homicidal plans for you organizing in her brain.

I guess that I am hungry. no room for computers and food...

3:55pm just had some breakfast. ha, still on the Japanese feeding schedule. Im hungry, but I
dont want anything heavy for dinner. I wonder what Dave wants to do.

Time to shut down. Time to get back to NY life. I could use another nap.