September 10th, 2007


my head is a tangle of christmas lights weakly twinkling. ugh. someone turn the lamp on at the lighthouse cause we cant see the shore!!

I only swam about 3000m this morning. weak. literally. I just kept getting slower and slower. I was last in the lane and usually Im first, or at least second. sigh. Its ok. 3 weeks out of the pool will do that to a gal. I have to coach tomorrow morning and Wed. On thursday I can get back in the water. Friday coaching again. Im just happy to be back in again after all the pool closures. Nothing like the silence of water in your ears as you streamline off the wall. The light reflecting from somewhere in white, shimmering strands. And lets not forget the chlorine sneezes afterward!

I might develop narcolepsey (sp!) today. I can feel it coming on.