September 12th, 2007

today is the day

okay, i really need to get it together. since I've been back from Japan, my brain has been so mushy. its time to start making lists again!!!

and this day is not helping. I set my alarm for 5am, I swear! And I think it went off. I think so. And the cats were SO loud. Suddenly, I woke up. What time was it? 6:10am Shiiiiiiiiiiiiite! Swim practice starts at 6:30am, and there was NO WAY I was going to make it on time. And I was coaching!! My brain whirled with scenarios: call a car? take the bus? just run? Ack! How could I do this! I NEVER do this!

No time for a shower. I thought about calling in sick to the office. Or just calling in late so I could shower at the pool. Whirl brain whirl. I changed my shirt into the YMCA staff shirt, but left on the pajama pants. Threw on a hoodie, and grabbed an umbrella because it was too dark to tell if cloudy or not.

Went to turn off the computer and noticed that the webcast was down. Grrrrr. How long was that broken? Shut down. Ran out door. Ran down the street, caught the bus to the train, which happened to be RIGHT there. Ran down to the platform, and the train JUST HAPPENED to be right there.

Usually the train stops in the tunnel and sleeps, but today, it zipped right along. I hopped off and ran to the Y. Clocked in and was on deck by 6:38am! Fastest commute ever! Phew.

I stopped all the swimmers in their warm up and apologized. Introduced myself to the new swimmers and gave them a hard freestyle set to make up for my lateness :) haha

The sun was shining when I left the YMCA. I felt stupid carrying my umbrella. I walked into my office building, still in my pajamas, showed my ID, and ran up to the restroom to change. Office pants, office shirt, fix hair, deoderant, mascara. PERFECT.

Now Im at my desk and JTV is still offline on Neko1. I cant seem to connect for some reason. So, Im Ustreaming. And my Ipod is on the fritz again. Im going to have to go by the Apple Store at some point this afternoon. It's taken me almost 40 minutes to write this with all the work interruptions. i have so much work to get to on the webcast, and this job thing sure gets in the way! Tee Hee


NYU is offering Japanese III this semester!!
its $755 ugh!

/me looks around for money.

The class starts on the 22nd and runs until December.
i REALLY want to enroll. But do I have time? hmmm

how can i do everything?
whats important?

what can wait?
I really want to take this class.