October 10th, 2007


i really need to get out tonight. even to just walk around or something. i cant stay in or...ill just...something. i contacted a couple of friends, but everyone is busy or in school or flying off to Miami. maybe ill walk a couple of blocks over to a new bar. It's guitar hero night at the one nearby and then the other one, as i discovered, is super boring for a single gal to hang out at..cause everyone is in couple or unsocialized friend groups. good hooegarden there tho. damn it.

maybe ill get some footage for that video ive been ruminating over. i need some dark park shots. hmmm
someone told me recently, as i was fishing around for advice like a grizzly bear, that when these kinds of surgical life separations happen, it's time to focus on the art. so, thats what Im gonna do. and get drunk. and wear cat ears. maybe not in that order.