November 7th, 2007

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Im totally freaking out about a possible DVT. I have compression socks on to control this calf swelling and i have a dr. appt at 3pm to get a referral for an ultrasound. Dave freaked me out big time, but I have a lot of symptoms: swelling, pain (especially when i dorsiflex the foot), and it feels slightly warmer at the center of the pain.

better safe than sorry.

the swelling goes down at night, but its back a little as of 12:30 pm and I expect it would be just as bad as last night if i ignored it. It just a guess. but why would it keep coming back? airplane swelling is supposed to take a day or 2 to go down, but not come back..i think..or...i dunno.

im just scared. and scared that now ill have swelly legs for the rest of my life. being a certified lymphedema therapist, i am fully aware that there is no treatment except compression for these things. and its a pain in the ass...

in the meantime, Dave is ON me about getting his computer back. here i am freaking out and he's telling me he has NO time to meet me between now and Sunday for 3 seconds to hand over his computer. "ship it to me" he says. WTF? in what? what box? when? on Saturday? UPS ground? i mean...
he's all in a hurry, so why not meet me in the city real quick like this weekend? "in busy" he says. i think he's just taking out the break up on me. and its annoying.

and im still scared about my legs. i cant think about his damn computer right now. sob.

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no DVT. phew.
compression socks off to test the swelling situation.

i suppose i should be wearing them all the time, as we all should to better our circulation. you know, if you wear them all the time, you'll never have spider veins or varicose veins. note to young people everywhere.