February 19th, 2008

annoyed, she went to bed

1. Hasan is being a little bitch. Im sorry to say it but to give me shit about jokingly asking for my cat ears back is stretching it too far. (Ive been sending little texts and such over the past few weeks) Ive been on a rollercoaster ...and no, not in a hang out mood. To freakin get all pissed off at with attitude...and being the bigtest flake on earth himself...is totally uncalled for. Whats up with high and mighty manipulative lately?

2. GEOS declined my application.

3. Some NY Filipino guy off one of the websites im on to meet more Japanese friends in Japan (because I HOPE to be going there in July)asked me out today. I think he wants me to be his suga mama. WTF? Im not looking for dates in NYC. And then he give ms shit for explaining this fact. Whatever.

I have a headache. I feel fat and disgusting. and im still not motivated to go to the gym.
maybe ill just go to bed. sleep. hide. not think.