February 22nd, 2008


as the snow turns into rain, Im thinking about my plans for the weekend. Ice skating, movie? I have this urge to make blueberry muffins. Also to go to Barnes and Noble and browse the travel section. There's some icecream melting a bit in the kitchen: my reward for 2 days in a row of swimming. I want to go tomorrow too. Swim and run. And then go to Sunday practice in Brooklyn. IGLA June 2008 baby! My best stroke is fly and im trying to figure out how to train that without subluxating my shoulder again. I really should be doing my shoulder exercises. Yes, thats a goal. I need to choose between 2 of the following: 1,500 free, 800 free, 400 free, 400 IM. And then 2 other events on different days than these main focus events--100 or 200 fly, and maybe a backstroke? hmmm

And swimming means hunger. And hunger leads me back to muffins. Im going to go research a Barnes and Nobles that near somewhere where I can pick up muffin shtuff.