April 13th, 2008

stress and destress

On Friday I mixed a little breakdown cocktail. A frustrating drink made from lack of sleep, a lot of organizational stress, and quitting the pill 3 days early so id be back on it for necessary doctor's appts this week. I laugh/cried on J's shoulder for 5 minutes and felt much better. So instead of lining up the work tasks for the weekend, we relaxed. I'm not sure if it was a good idea of not but I feel a lot better and my mind is clear and ready for the week. (Granted I'm undoing that prospect by staying up late and writing this when I have to up at 5:15 am!) We shipped 2 boxes back to my home on Saturday AM and had plans for archiving and other things. But...instead, we shopped at my favorite Hong Kong grocery in Brooklyn Chinatown, made fish noodle soup, watched anime...(censored stuff and sleeping in until 11am!) made pancakes..watched more anime, chatted/ napped and celebrated J's birthday. Yes, relaxed I am!

Over sushi tonight we discussed how the best managers are not those that hustle to get work done, but those that figure out how to relax enough to focus on the most important tasks. I need to roll this one around in my brain. Im so type A that the merest thought of stopping a task in the middle to rest sets my conscience a whirl with guilt and worries about not getting things done. But I can see the point...because now Im destressed enough to tackle a logical coaching plan, ebaying plan and credit card balance management plan...whereas before I could barely figure out the scribbles in my calendar from writing so many random things down. it was just RUSH. tomorrow after work, im meeting with service to have him pick up some items he won on ebay. I plan to enjoy a nice little conversation and then come back to complete 3-4 archives and upload one more item to ebay. nothing more, nothing less. i will try to relax.