May 22nd, 2008

fuckin high and mighty. *slap*

Hi R,
I understand all of this already. I was a volunteer at the ASPCA for 2 years -adoptions counselor- and I adopted my kitty from there. Believe me, I gave the guilt lecture too...

But i cannot take him with me. I am due in japan for a job on July 7th. There is no postponing, no friends who are willing to look after him, and my housing situation does not allow pets (as in, it's in the contract- NO PETS). Im stuck in a big jam and it breaks my heart because Ive had him for 6 years! Im not just some person tired of their pet! This is not some idiotic reason!! I have no choice!

Thanks anyways :(

R wrote:

Unfortunately we cannot take cats from people because we only work with one rescue person that we get cats and kittens from, and we would just be too overwhelmed with kitties here.

That’s too bad that you can’t take him, I know that it’s a 5-6 month process with the blood tests for rabies titer, microchip, and rabies vaccines, but it certainly is do-able. Is there no way that you can postpone the trip 6 months to prepare him to go with you??? We have many many clients that have moved back to Japan and go through this process, but once the process is done, they get the cats to Japan just fine. Or maybe you can have a good friend who can care for him just for the 5-6 month process, and then once his paperwork is complete, they can send your kitty to you. It would be horrible to give up a cat for just for a reason like that, when with just some preparation he could go with you and live out the rest of his life with you. The shelters are full of animals that are relinquished by people for idiotic reasons, some that claim allergies, which are easily treated, or just don’t want to be bothered having a pet anymore or deal with having to move with them, or don’t want to be bothered finding a place that allows animals, and sadly most get euthanized. If you bring him to a shelter he will most likely be euthanized, and if it’s a no kill shelter, he’ll be living in a cage for a very very long time, and that’s a fate that no animal deserves, when we as their caretakers can certainly make sure our beloved pets don’t meet this fate because of changes in our lives. You can look online for cat rescue groups also, this way at least his living situation may be a little better than what it would be at a shelter, but it still wouldn’t be with you, his caretaker that he’s known and loved for 6 years of his life.

A pet is a responsibility that you take on, when you adopt them you are responsible for them for the entirety of their lives, in sickness and health, like a child, and they shouldn’t just be given away because of a move, even to another country, like I said we have dozens of clients who would never ever contemplate giving up their animals, and have moved with their pets, not only to Japan, but to Europe, South America, other parts of the US, etc.



I was forwarded your contact by a friend of mine who said you might be able to find a home for my kitty, KT. I have placed ads on craigslist and advertised through my swim team member list, but no takers. I've even made a ton of announcements through my webcasts:

(He's quite the online celebrity cat!) luck.
Im leaving for Japan in June and I cannot take him with me. I've had him for 6 years :( 9 year old short haired gray neutered male. has some coordination issues due to a kitten virus, so he walks like he's drunk and runs into things. He's not a jumper. Otherwise healthy and happy. I suppose most people are looking for a tiny lil kitten, but I thought i'd give it a shot.

Nekomimi Lisa ^^

so she replys back

also worked at the ASPCA, as a licensed technician for 3 years, so knowing that you worked there as well and have spoken to people about the same things, I’m extremely surprised to hear that someone with that background would then put a job ahead of a precious animal. If this were a child, would you give them up for adoption if your new job wouldn’t allow them to go with you??

I hope for his sake that you find him a good place to go with a good caregiver for his special needs.

Neko sez:
**Im totally postal right now!


I still think she is being righteous and demeaning. No specific organizations named. and spelling out what she feels my past cat issues were and indicating I might not really be attached to him like her receptionist to her 10 freakin cats! arg. and on top of it reminding me how hard it will be to adopt out KT. no fucking shit. and no fucking shit i feel guilty. but im not defensive. im just trying to make her see that bad things happen to good people and good cats. there's no justification. only action to make the best of the situation.

at least she explained her aggressions. im sure we would all get along in another life. she did give me the tel# to the adoptions center, but at this point, i may be better off looking elsewhere.

"I did make a suggestion to you, you can find many rescue organizations online, I’m sure there are many in the tri-state area, and if not your next alternative would be a no kill shelter. I’m not being righteous about this, and my responses are not without basis, you are giving up a cat for a job, especially a cat who is older, with some issues which will definitely make this adoption that much more difficult. This animal is your responsibility, and its extremely upsetting to see people give up that responsibility when they let things like a job/career become more important than this pet that they proclaim so much love for. And I do have an idea what it is to care for an animal with problems, and go through so many emotional ups and downs with them, I have 2 problem cats at home, with many more problems than most people could handle, and I wouldn’t give them up for any job or any housing that doesn’t allow pets. One of our receptionists here spent thousands of dollars and went through a several year process of fighting her landlord to keep all 10!! of her cats because she wouldn’t dream of giving up even 1 of them. So forgive me for not being able to identify or sympathize with someone who will take a job which provides housing that doesn’t allow animals, I would find alternate housing. You’re very defensive because you’re trying very hard to justify what you are doing due of your own guilt, and there’s just no justification.

I’m sure you did go back and forth making your decision, and I’m sorry that your priority lies more with your career and the wrong decision was made.

I truly hope that you can find someone great for him, or a really good rescue. You feel as though I’m berating you, but my only concern is for your cat, so I feel very strongly about this. I can give you the # of our rescue person that we adopt cats from. She may not be able to take your kitty, but maybe she knows of another rescuer who can and can steer you that way."