June 28th, 2008

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Arrived. Made it home without swollen legs from the plane! Enjoyed a delicious cheese lasagna with broccoli. Debated politics. Ended the debate quickly because I hate talking politics. Watched an episode of “Numbers”--something about a terrorist plot (what else?)

I'm a little out of it, but in the mood to get back in it. I plan to get up tomorrow and run a little down the street and up the lane to check out the new subdivisions. There pictures to be taken, cakes to be bought for Mom's birthday, journal entries written, and perhaps a cherry pie to bake! Dad offered me a a couple from their tree and they were amazing! Just sweet enough to eat, just tart enough to bake with. I wish Jo could have some too! I miss sharing things with him. Talking on the phone is a lifesaver, but it's fun to be in the moment with each other rather than summarizing our day. Two months. I can do it. So much to concentrate on and figure out. Two more days here, then a long ass flight around the world to a new life.

I miss the camera. There's something about sharing experiences in the moment that's just so cool. I expect it to be on and then I realize that no...no, I'm really alone. I can be crazy and fart and pick my nose. But I dont because...I don't to that anyways. I'm just me with or without people watching. I want to do something “bad” while I have the chance, but nothing comes to mind.

It's time to sleep.

I wonder if there's by some chance a wireless connection!? hmmm
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