July 1st, 2008

update on the trip

twitter isnt working for me this morning.

My 10am flight is now delayed to 12:00 at earliest. since my ANA flight out of SFO leaves at 12:10, this aint gonna work. the gal at the counter is a total bitch and in fight mode already.

I have to options:
wait 24 hours and try and do this trip tomorrow (rebooking my hotel room, emailing with the housing agent trying to reschedule moving into the apt..pain in the ass)
OR trying to get on a LAX flight at 11:00am and get catch a Singapore airlines flight...i dunno how this will work but i will PAY to get on this flight to avoid the drama of arriving a day after I planned.

I have to wait until counter bitch talks with the captain and has an update for us. tick tock. wait.
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