July 9th, 2008

short lil KT update

straight from the new mom:

"Hi Lisa, no cat fights yet. They seem to be doing pretty well. They chase each other, play fight, touch noses, chase the laser pointer and generally just hang out. It's really sweet. KT still enjoys his girlfriend, I mean blanket. ;)"

this is wonderful to hear! :)
thanks again cynthia!
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news from the far east

After completing day 3 of training, I get the feeling that this is one of those jobs that's tough for about 4 weeks and then has an exponential rate of difficulty decline. We're training for instruction of “Free Time Lessons”. Basically, 3-4 adult students with free time come in and I lead a lesson focusing on key words/situations/conversation..etc. There are 4-5 different kinds of lessons and each has a strict structure. so...learning the structure is totally confusing. But...after doing a few times, I'm sure it will become second nature. Training today and tomorrow is about 7 hours long, with one paid hour for lunch. 11Am -6-ish. On Friday, we have to teach a demo to 3 “students” (3 other trainees) in front of some other trainers. Scary. A little bit. Just like swim coaching was a little scary the first few times, but now it's nothing to talk to everyone (20-30 people).

Life revolves around 3 settings: home on the bed, on the train, and at the school. Like...you know how sometimes you remember you exist at certain checkpoints on your daily route? ...”oh, im at the F train stop at 14th again”. Or “here I am at the table”. Just moments when you remember a place and the fact that you are in it...as opposed to rushing to get to work, finding money in your bag or walking the dog while deciding whether or not to stop into the ice cream shop for a small waffle cone.....

Now im in the home setting. In my room with the door closed: the only way to get any privacy even if it does negate the breeze that I might enjoy with the door open.

I'm loving it here. Really. Like I always said, the energy is great here. I like the crowds and the lights in Tokyo, the thin little Saitama sidewalks, fake birds noises in the concrete stations, powerlines, and free McDonalds Iced coffee with a Softbank phone purchase! I do feel like I'm hemorrhaging money, however. Food is cheap enough, but toiletries and incidentals can be super expensive. (10 hangers for $6.80) I need to locate a Hyaku En store (literally “100 Yen” store). At the dollar store, things are much cheaper. Both in price and cost, but I just cant be spending tons on soap and yada yada. There's one in Shiki, 1 station away, but I've not had time to go up there until tonight (training is long and now I seem to have most things) Ive always been cheap on necessities and extravagant on the delights. I know that I'll be reimbursed for my transportation ($9/ day!) on August 15th, but ugh....thats a long way off!!

I have plenty of money. I dont plan to take out a loan from ECC. It's just that I want to save it for travel and exploring Tokyo. And Im not really sure how 2400$/ month will work out for me. Subtract $690 for rent and utilities, $50 for emobile, $100 for phone. Soon $100 for health insurance. It seems to all work out to eat and live well, but I just won't know my real budget until I live it for a couple of months.

I have lots of homework to do.
I miss Jo.
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