July 13th, 2008


Klatcher is down still, so I have a backlog of pictures and stories to post. Much of what I want to say involves those pictures, so I am going to try and wait out the content until I can do it right.

In the meantime, I had a lot of people join me for my day with Yuta. We met up in Harajuku around 12 pm and started broadcasting our travels through the shopping area, up the AU tower of technology, down the Yoyogi Park sidewalks of bands, singers, and flea markets, and finally over to Shibuya, the girls' 109 building and the busiest Starbucks in the world. haha. (More on that last one later). I'm a deeply indebted to Yuta for showing me so much (hopefully I remember how to get back to where we were) and giving me places to springboard my own explorations. It's really fun walking around with another livecaster...someone who understands what's going on...speaks the language, but understands me as a person enough not to dwell on broadcasting for too long. We have long periods of silence...half because of language barriers and half because not all comments need to be mentioned. Yuta is a good guy. (Well, except for bothering the Softbank guards at the front of the Iphone line...lol, no that was funny too!) I say this for all the advice and past support emails that I never really talked about last September, and for every second of time to show me what he thinks is interesting about the city he loves. Not everyone would do that. Not everyone would take the time out to comment on this and that. It's so much easier to take a friend to a tourist spot (granted Harajuku and Shibuya are up there on the list of "must see", but he doesn't present it that way). And, I have to add...he has some of the strictest ethics (not sure if that is the word im looking for, but its what im using) of most anyone I know (anywhere). Its refreshing considering some of the blurriness surrounding certain blond women with distant boyfriends that has come up in both trips I've taken to this fine country. What is or cannot lies safety out of bounds, and that, my friends, is the basis of a good relationship, and perhaps one of the few here in the beginning that might actually last.

On a less cerebral note, kickboxing was AWESOME! Not all the fights rocked my little world, but theres nothing like a good bit of sweat and blood (literally) to pump my aggression levels up enough to endeavor to find a new swim team. I'm ready to start training again. Hardcore. Just gotta figure out how. Joyo (see klatcher karaoke night entry) paid 35$ for me to see this today. The least I can do is go yell for him at his fight on September 14th. (s that the date?) I broadcasted part of it and the rest will go up on klatcher if it ever gets itself working.
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