July 17th, 2008

tired hot and in need of cute shoes

A real day off. I've prepared for tomorrow's "mini-kid" demo. (think sesame street cheese times 1000000- and nekomimi lisa singing to kids about pizza...yeah. stop thinking!!!) I went to SATY's earlier today to acquire the ugliest 25.5 cm work shoes ever made. I had these lovely embroidered Seychelles heels and this drunk bastard ran into me last night, stepped on the side of my ankle and ripped off the button fastener on the strap across the ankle. lost the button and got to walk with the strap flopping back and forth all the way home until i decided to just tuck it under my foot and walk on the uncomfortable bump. Yuta wanted to go back and look for the button, but it didn't matter either way: the button was deco only and the strap was ripped. Yes, so today I went to SATY's in Shiki..walked there, trying to save money..and found about 6 pairs of shoes in the entire store for girls size 9 feet. It sucked. totally. I started to get sad as it became clear that all those cute little sparkley sandals were impossibly out of reach..never mind a decent-looking pair of work shoes. I suppose I should have gone to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro...but i just didnt want to spend money. As it was, my shoes were 58$- a price only painful because they are so ugly and made in China for about 50 cents. I admit it. I'm a total snob about my clothing. I like things a certain way. And I don't like things that aren't "me". Work shoes...I proly shouldnt care. None of the Japanese students will give a rats ass. I'm doing my best to let it go.

Hot today and so, Im in a coffee shop and not traveling too much. That and the not spending money bit. It sucks. I really got used to excess with my last job. Id forgotten how much I dislike saying "i cant afford to do this." Im feeling down today, for sure...but I know in a little while, it will be fuel for the fire to really keep working on the NL.com projects and learn Japanese faster to get some sidework.

In other news... sashimi salad rocks, Starbucks is constant, tiny little bars in not so safe places near Shinjuku are great! (and ill never find it again!), and training is almost at an end. This time nest week, I'll likely be in class. Repeat again! --Where will I be? In class!