August 25th, 2008

half of a lot of weekend

I finished up my kids classes on Saturday and felt like at least a year had been taken off my life. It seems to be a common consensus. I texted my roommate, seeking alcoholic counseling, but since she had no plans formed yet, I wasted a solid 400 yen coming all the way back home. We pondered the mens' Olympic javelin and womens' cellulite-free high jump events while the never ending rains picked up. encouraging. The chair started to swallow me into a long evening at home, but before it could, K 's phone vibrated. The Hub in Harajuku...and a long list of after after after party destinations. We agreed that we really needed to not miss the last train. After the last train, we ran into co workers at Heartland. I was on my 5th glass of white wine. K and I looked around for interesting conversation. She finally found it and the rest of us - the three in our group - made idle chit chat with some guy from the states who'd been here for 10 years. I went to the restroom. When I returned it had been decided that we move on. K's new friends came with us to Sincere in Roppongi. I met a nice looking cafe owner. He bought me yet another glass of white wine that I sorely DIDNT need and we talked at length about internet cafes (web broadcasting...just some ideas I have). And when I mean talked...I mean, 1/2 in Japanese and randomly 1/2 in english and japanese through a guy who does translation. handy, especially since drunken japlish from me is something special. at the end of the evening, I could barely walk. I had a map to the cafe in omotesando and no contact #. I ran back in and got it and then later..thinking that we couldnt talk anyway, i called and left my keitai email in some slurred english. the next day, i realized this was proly a bad move toward continuing my internet cafe business idea cpnversation and getting feedback from someone who manages them. oi. but no matter, I was so drunk at 8am that I couldnt even stay up to launch my own language video. A real winner of a catgirl on Sunday AM.

4 hours later, hungover and braindead (possibly still intoxicated), I got my ass up to shower and meet my friend for lunch. It's really amazing, this human body. Jumping over high bars, throwing long poles 80 meters, and finding the Yamanote line to Shinjuku, trapped in a crowd of people, with a pounding headache, stomach ache, and a strange suspicion that everyone around you must know you're some kind of asshole for having difficulty with this task at all.